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Updated: Oct 20, 2018

Kindness really makes the world turn. Even though we hear it and read it on quotes, we don’t completely realize that kindness quickly develops into that thing we all need. Support. And that support can become something great.

It can either be simple support like a smile or even a like on social media, but it can also be more direct and stronger. 

Either way, the support we give each other has tremendous effect. Like ripples on a lake that spread, so does that positive energy we hand out.

While making this app and developing the ideas we had, the support has been overwhelming. Both from friends and family, but also strangers. Without all of these experiences I call support, we would never have come this far. 

The support has become energy and that energy has helped me go on and move on. So I am grateful and humbled for all of you I have met in my life. The people that I know, but also those of you I have met briefly and will never meet again. Thank you! / STELIOS VASILANTONAKIS, CO-FOUNDER

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