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Meet Christoffer Broman, a handsome green eyed Swede, an entrepreneur and above all a talented florist. His flower shop in Stockholm is frequently visited by trendy gay guys, royalty and fashionable people from all over town.

Christoffer, have you always worked with flowers? - The first time I worked with flowers was when I was 14 years old, it was a weekend shift with my older brother. He knew the owner of a huge flower store. In the beginning I just did it for the money and I felt ashamed working with flowers towards my friends in the southern suburbs of Stockholm. It wasn’t so popular to work with flowers as a wannabe hip-hopper. But after a while I started to like the busy days, the different seasons, the colors and the smells. I wanted to know more and that’s how it all started. Now I have two flower shops in Stockholm and we’re soon opening a third. Our shops are small and personal and we are a really fun team working together. Where are you from?

- I’m from Stockholm and I love my city. Do you have any favorite areas? - It’s so easy to just stroll around for hours. Södermalm for instance is a great area for fun shopping. Small stores with both established and up and coming brands. One of our stores is located on Södermannagatan 21 and all of our neighboring stores are our favorites to visit. Grandpa, Il cafe, and Coctail.

Outside the Gamla Stan shop.

Any recommendations on what to do a day in Stockholm?

- I recommend of course to stop by our Gamla Stan (the old town) store and have a chat or a bunch of flowers. It’s a tiny spot full of flowers outside. Often a bit busy but we have really cool customers that like to chat and talk about their favorite spots in Stockholm. I would buy tons of flowers and after that have a beer at Geranimos. It’s a genuine Mexican rockers place. Food is great and the staff is super friendly, try the Largerita! Any favourite destinations in the world? - My favorite destinations are different every day, but I love Beirut for its mix of new and old. Prague for its architecture and cheap beers and Spain for its sun and clubs! Any dream destination? Since I was a kid I always wanted to travel around in the States. By car, bus or train. I want to see all the small places. Visit Diners and have a pie and a cup of disgusting coffee, have a watery beer in a small bar in the middle of nowhere. I grew up when Twin Peaks was THE thing to watch on Fridays on telly. Maybe you can tell? And the last stop would be New York for some glam and gay. Love that city! Christoffer, after talking to you, we have to ask you. Are you single?

- I’m happily married with my sexy baker.

That sounds wonderful. Congratulations! Now we’re looking forward to see more beautiful flower creations. Thank you for talking to us! /STELIOS VASILANTONAKIS, CO-FOUNDER

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