Updated: Nov 28, 2018

Meet Joseph and Raif, two American gentlemen that recently got married. Here is their love story.

Joseph and Raif on their wedding day, August 25th 2018.

Joseph, the inked guy to the left, is from Cross Plain, Wisconsin, and Raif is from outside New Orleans, but has lived all over the world.

The couple have been together for seven years, but had a brief romantic encounter much earlier than that. Just a quick look while out that they both remember clearly.

'It was instantly love at first sight but I didn't even know his name, how to find him or who he was. I just KNEW that he was special and was supposed to be mine', Joseph recalls.

They randomly ran into each other again six months later and Joseph came up to Raif and asked if he could kiss him. And so they did in the middle of the crowd, not even knowing each other.

They have been together ever since and say that they are complete opposites who bring out the best in each other.

Joseph is the reserved type that loves routine, quiet moments and hates decisionmaking.

He grew up in a small farm town in Wisconsin.

Raif, from outside New Orleans, is on the other hand a spontaneous man. As an avid traveller he has lived all over the world, counting exotic places like Saudi Arabia and Singapore among them.

'We have grown together even more as a couple through travel.'

The couple got married at the Theis Farm, where Joseph's grandmother still lives and where he grew up – a place filled with fond memories. It was founded in 1862 by his ancestors who were some of the first German immigrants to Wisconsin. They ran a dairy farm until around the 1950's after which his grandfather got into telecommunications and leased out the farmland to grow corn and hay.