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We met Simone and Martin recently, a cute and active couple living in Sweden. Tell us. How did you guys meet? We met 4 years ago in Gothenburg, Sweden, while Simone was having his student exchange from Italy. Martin was at the same university. We met trough a dating app and a week after our first date we both went coincidentally with the university to Lapland in the north of Sweden. That’s where our relationship started. We both liked the Swedish culture, people and system that we decided to stay here in the cold Scandinavian lands. After the student exchange, Simone continued the studies at the same university with a master thesis which in turn brought him to his PhD career in chemical engineering. In the meantime Martin got a job at Volvo AB at the same department he had his master thesis. Guys, what’s your passions? It will sound maybe mainstream, but the four things we like the most are food, working out, partying and traveling. Food plays a fundamental role in our daily life. Martin is the best cook ever and he loves spending hours in the kitchen and preparing delicious meals. On the other side Simone does not like cooking so much but loves trying whatever Martin prepares. Working out has for us a similar role as food: Simone loves working out, Martin not so much. Before meeting, Martin had never gone to a gym and his only physical activity was running. Simone initiated him and after some struggle he is into working out as much as Simone. We often have workouts together and recently Simone became a gym instructor and teaches a class twice per week.

To all our friends we are very well known as food lovers and gym beasts, but also as party animals. Whatever the type of party, from the most sparkling gay events to the most underground and transgressive ones, you will always see us there, hitting the dance floor until sunrise and even longer. Our motto at the nightclub is to undress as much as the place allows you to! So you will likely see us on the stage shirtless, serving our hottest and sexiest dance!

What is your favorite trip? We had tons of trips together, but maybe the most outstanding one was the bike trip on the Kattegatleden. We went up from the south of Sweden to Gothenburg by bike for about 400 km, with our tents and all the camping equipment. It was July and the weather was incredibly hot and sunny, quite unusual for a Swedish summer. Here in Sweden there’s a fantastic law called Allemansrätten, which allows you to camp wherever you want, so we’re camping in the most beautiful and desolated spots, cooking with our camping pots and enjoying the unique Swedish nature. Although it was not easy, we were quite exhausted at the end, it definitely was worth it! It was nice to be completely detached from the noise of the city for a week. And the most important thing when traveling? Food is really important when we travel. It’s not the driving force for picking up a destination, but once we decide where to go we immediately check what the typical food of the place is and where the best restaurants are. We also love to plan when we travel and seeing as much as possible every minute, so a vacation for us is never really relaxing in that way. Thank you so much for sharing your story. See you on the dance floor! /STELIOS VASILANTONAKIS, CO-FOUNDER

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