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Updated: Nov 11, 2019

Meet Hirzi, a talented and young power force in the Singaporean entertainment scene, on platforms like Youtube, Instagram and Twitter, but also television and theater. Self-describing as a clown, because comedy is what he identifies best with, Hirzi is also known as an activist for the local LGBTQ+ community, by being a Pink Dot ambassador. Pink Dot is a non-profit organisation promoting LGBTQ+ rights in Singapore. We had the chance to ask him about his passions and his life.

“I would go through all the fire and back for being the first Malay Muslim Pink Dot Ambassador in Singapore. Pink Dot is our pride protest we hold every June since 2008.”

Hirzi, what is it that you do exactly?

I am an actor, writer and when I am not trying, I realise I am a comedian. I also try to be an advocate for LGBTQ+ rights through my body of work.

And why is that? Why comedy? Why, you ask? I don't know why God made me this talented? I ask myself this every night. I am kidding! I think I am most comfortable being able to creatively express myself through my comedy. I love being able to present a deeper conversation about things that society struggle with and shed light on it through laughter. Laughter IS the most common currency and the most universal nonverbal expression.

What's your passions?

I enjoy being creative. Either in putting together a comedy sketch or a Youtube Music Video or even coming up with artful performances on stage. When self-expression meets art, and it takes an entire village to collaborate and put it up together, THAT to me is a metaphor of what life and human kind is about. To create, to communicate and to be respectful to each other's role in this bigger picture.

Since Gayze focuses on LGBTQ+ travel, we need to know of your all time favourite trip?

Oooph! I've been to 38 countries. It's not fair to just pick one. I'm gonna give you top 5! New York, Amsterdam, Mexico City, Bangkok and San Francisco maybe. I am a big city boy and I love the energy of a big multicultural cosmopolitan city. My favourite spaces are airports and trains. It's the only few spaces where people from vary different walks of life come together and you get to witness how truly beautiful our differences are.

As for favourite LGBTQ+ destination, I just did World Pride in New York for Stonewall 50 and what an experience it was to be able to march through with queer individuals and ally alike from ALL AROUND THE WORLD. The roads were like metaphoric veins, and us traversing through it are just like the blood and the pulse of the queer narrative in history. It is simply magic. Goosebumps!

What's your wishes for the future?

Hmm, so broad! Future of whom? Myself? The queer narrative? My offspring? Climate change? So many!

What would you do again?

I would go through all the fire and back for being the first Malay Muslim Pink Dot Ambassador in Singapore. Pink Dot is our pride protest we hold every June since 2008. Now every Malay Muslim kid has someone they know they can write to. And I cherish this. Fun fact, I even had coffee spat in my face for it.

What would you not do again?

I would not... Nah. I don't regret anything. Everything that has happened to me is a lesson for me to be who I am today. Cliche. But I loved every struggle I've been through.

Are you single?

Yes for all 30 years of my life, but I like a hot nerd.

How does Prince Charming look like? I stare at Prince Charming every day in the mirror and still I’m looking at things about him I’d like to better. Body and mind. But yes love is important. But I no longer pressure myself to rush it. If love comes, Love needs to know I AM the Prince Charming. Hirzi, thank you so much for talking to us! If we spot a hot nerd, we’ll send him your way!



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