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Updated: Aug 20, 2018

I seldom like to describe people with great adjectives, because I don’t believe some own the words and others don’t, but I must make an exception for José Castelo Branco. I describe him as a phenomenon. Even though this is a mere description of the social media person, I really find José to be simply wonderful.

“He describes himself as an artist on Instagram and works amongst other things as an art dealer. He has also been a host at the Box in New York, opened up his own boutique and just travels the world to be fabulous. ”

Often in his native Portugal, we follow him in his every day life where he befriends everyone, wears wonderful clothes and socializes with the most glamorous ladies. He calls everyone darling and his accent is a pure joy to listen to. The way he gestures and moves is also an art form in its own right. His sense of style and the way he highlights his features just ads to the phenomenon of José.

In a world where gender fluidity is becoming stronger and more accepted, José is a human of the future. Clearly ahead of his time, because he lives by no rules that society implements on him.

Also raising the very important question. About language. Isn’t it time that we disclose gender description? Feminine and masculine. We need to reinvent the language as we are reinventing the world.

Let the pioneers like José lead the way. Photo:



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