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Updated: Aug 20, 2018

The entire island of Delos is today a magnificent archaeological site, with temple ruins, beautiful private villas with grand mosaics and a museum. Delos is situated about 30 minutes from Mykonos and there’s a boat that will take you directly there.

It’s 20€ for the boat ride and 12€ to enter the site which includes the museum. I suggest that you take the later boat which will give you a wonderful view of the sunset. You will have plenty of time to see the site, but if you’re really interested you can easily spend more time here and even have lunch in one of the modest tavernas on the site. The late hours here are very romantic in the sunset.

"Delos rose to prominent religious and cultural importance around 700 BC when Athens moved its treasury here and declared the entire island a sanctuary."

Neighbouring islands like Paros and Naxos erected grandiose monuments here which helped the island to maintain its important position. Around 400 BC prominent Athenian politicians ordered all the graves to be moved and declared that neither births or deaths would take place on the island in order to maintain its purity for the Gods. Greeks from all of the ancient world gathered here for pilgrimages to worship the ancient gods. The God of the sun Apollo and his sister goddess of the moon Artemis were born here. This is truly one of the most beautiful places in Greece.


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